Stop Choosing Between an Embarrassing DIY Trim or Expensive Trips to the Salon

Why are we stuck with this choice?

According to the Professional Beauty Association, people in the USA spend between $25 - $45 BILLION on haircuts every year -- with haircut prices for women averaging over $40.

But what if you don't want to spend around $420 EVERY YEAR on haircuts? You COULD try to cut back and give yourself a trim between haircuts every now and then. But do you trust yourself to freehand cut your own hair?

What about your partner/spouse? Do you trust them to do it?

I know I wouldn't trust my partner to cut MY hair, so I'm left with this choice:

Risk butchering my own hair (and end up looking like this poor kid)....

....or spend a ton of money and have a professional do it.

All I want is to look good with paying an arm and a leg.

Would You Rather Spend $80 or More on Your Hair?

Sure, the average haircut for a woman is only $43, but I know I never leave the salon without somehow spending $80 or more on my hair.

I do that at least once every 2 months, so it costs me almost $500 every year to keep my hair looking nice.

I would MUCH rather be spending that $500 on plane tickets, new tile in my kitchen, or spoiling my family at the holidays.

But what good is spoiling my family at the holidays if my hair is a mess because I tried to cut it on my own and failed. Everybody is taking pictures and I'm over here looking for the biggest hat I can find to cover my hair.

What if you could get YEARS of salon-quality haircuts at home for under $30?

Creaclip is a DIY home haircut system that makes it easy for you to get a professional-looking trim at home.

Here’s how you use it:

Clip it to your hair
Align the level to your desired hairstyle
Cut your hair using the Creaclip as your guide

The CreaClip was designed by a celebrity hair stylist and its rotating level, flexible body, and secure locking system, make it work on any type of hair.

With CreaClip, anyone can create unlimited haircuts, including one length, layers, bangs, and bob!

And the best part is that all YOU have to know about cutting hair, is how to use a pair of scissors.

CreaClip was created by Mai Lieu, an award winning Celebrity Stylist

CreaClip was created by Mai Lieu, an award winning Celebrity Stylist, best selling author, and inspirational speaker who has over 20 years experience in the salon industry. Mai Lieu has won more than 7 first-place international hairdressing awards with top training and global work experience including UK, USA, Canada, and China.

Mai's friends kept coming to her embarrassed after trying (and failing) to cut their own hair.

As a Vietnamese immigrant and former refugee, Mai knew that many people couldn't afford the type of salon-quality haircuts she gave to her celebrity clients. So she set out to create a way for the average person to get great hair on their own.

Clearly, she was onto something. Mai has now sold over 200,000 CreaClips!

It's been seen on Shark Tank, Rachael Ray, Beauty Insider, Seventeen Magazine, Business Insider, and Buzzfeed.

On her show, Rachael Ray said, "It's good for trimming. I like that. I love the little level in it. Very clever!"

Check out what some of the Creaclip's customers are saying:

Here's What You Get When You Buy CreaClip...

The large CreaClip that is expertly designed for long hair and layers and the small CreaClip that is perfect for shorter hair and bangs
Access to CreaClip's massive video library tutorial so you see step-by-step instructions for any hairstyle. There are also tutorials in Japanese and Spanish for non-English speakers.
The rotating level ensures that every cut is balanced and precise. Just clip, slide, and cut! VOILA - you're ready to shine!
A secure lock that secures the clip in place and holds all of your hair together, making it easy for quick haircuts for you or your kids.
A expertly engineered smooth edge that creates a clear guide to cut along
A flexible body that allows the user to adjust to any texture or thickness

If you act today, you'll get access to limited time discounts that put this incredible product in your pocket for a steal of a price.

You can buy a single CreaClip and use it for your entire household...but if you buy one for your parents, siblings, and neighbors, you'll get an even better deal. Plus, everyone will get access to CreaClip's extensive YouTube library that shows step-by-step tutorials.

When you buy more than three you NOT ONLY get one CreaClip also get FREE SHIPPING (and who doesn't like that).

Just think, how many of your friends are spending hundreds or even THOUSANDS on haircuts every year? How many are driving back to the salon to fix a bad cut? How many are taking personal time away from work to go sit at the salon for hours?

You could be their hero by giving them their own "at-home salon"...AND you'll get rewarded for it.

Now you're the family genius AND you saved a bundle by thinking of your friends (but you don't need to mention the true intentions behind your good deed).

Click on the button below to order your CreaClip today!

This simple little device makes it possible to for anyone to DIY and makes easier to gather all the hair and cut in different angles, creating unlimited haircuts at home.

When you get yours, you'll be armed with the tutorials you need so you never have to rely on a trained professional to cut your own hair ever again. Not only will make back your investment after ONE at-home haircut, you'll save TONS of time that you would have wasted at the salon. What will you do with all that extra time? 

If you don't, the next time you need a touch up or haircut you'll have to try to fit their opening into your busy schedule, part ways with way too much of your hard earned money, and spend hours of your precious time that you cannot get back in a salon chair. 

Click on the link below and join the hundreds of thousands of happy CreaClip customers!

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